The U17-3 mini excavator made by Kubota has a width of 990mm so it is the perfect excavator for tackling jobs in the tightest of spaces. The U17-3 delivers superior maneuverability and maximum digging performance in a smaller foot print excavator.

Our Kubota U17-3 mini excavators weigh in at 1.7 ton and are supplied on aluminum, mechanically, (inertia) braked trailers, so they can be legally towed by any vehicle that can legally tow 2t braked (check your compliance plates). If you are unable to access a vehicle that can tow 2t we can deliver the machines.

Our mini excavators are fitted with rubber tracks, so unlike excavators fitted with steel tracks, driving over concrete and the like is safe and will only leave rubber marks just like a car tyre would.

The U17-3 is fitted with a 19 litre fuel tank which is more than enough for a days worth of digging, most of our customers cannot get through half a tank of diesel in a day and it typically costs them around $12 to refill the machines.

We keep our machines in the best condition possible by doing routine checks, regular and scheduled servicing and thorough cleaning after each hire. Our trailers are also well maintained to keep them and you safe while towing our mini excavators.

Towing the machines is easy and we can show you all you need to know to get our excavators to where you need to dig.

We do not allow the use of excavator attachments on our mini excavators unless they have been supplied by us as we don’t know the condition of the residual hydraulic fluid that may remain inside them.


Our Hino Tip Truck is fitted with six tie down points and a 500kg manual lift crane. It has a manual five speed gear box, tow bar and is legal to drive on a car license. The load limit is 1.5t and you get 100km free each day, each kilometer afterwards is 25 cents.

A great small truck at a great small price.